Georgia Longo

Georgia Longo

Interior Design
LaSalle College Vancouver

Bellevue Residence

West Vancouver, British Columbia is a quiet neighborhood of just over 40,000 people. A community of diverse lifestyles, close to all amenities and transportation. The location features ocean views and lush greenery. The exterior is a modern streamlined frame, juxtaposed with wood, concrete and glass to emphasize the natural surrounding environment of the beautiful West Coast flavor.

Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Living Room Render

Living Room Render

Clean modern lines a

Dining Room Render

Clean modern lines and neutral cool tones are blended with a chic iconic feel and flooded with natural sunlight. The living, dining area and master ensuite present a cozy sophisticated West Coast ambiance that matches perfectly with the location.

Interior Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/Master Ensuite Render

Master Ensuite Render