Director of the Fashion Design Area

  • Location: LCI Barcelona
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With a presence in five continents, LCI Education Network has 23 campuses in 12 countries and close to 1500 employees providing training to more than 10,000 students around the world every year. LCI Education promotes harmonization between its highly flexible programmes, the highest standard of quality control of its services and respect towards the different cultures in which the organisation works.

LCI Barcelona, a member of the LCI Education Network, is a Higher School located in Catalonia, Spain. Its mission is to offer the highest quality education, responding both to the needs of the labour market and to the needs of individual students in the local and globalised context.


Availability for the post: 1st of July 2017

Job title: Director of the Fashion Design Area, LCI Barcelona

Location: Barcelona

Position: Management of the fashion specialism area

Type of position: Full time

Department: Pedagogy and Quality


Candidates must demonstrate their experience in the practice and or theory of fashion design in a educational environment.

The successful candidate will be expected to deal with a wide range of disciplines related to fashion; to have the knowledge and skills necessary to respond and adapt to the global demands of the 21st century and be able to exercise leadership in the development and attainment of excellence in the teaching of fashion design at LCI Barcelona and integration into the LCI Education Network.

Applicants must be familiar with LCI Barcelona's mission and the contemporary pedagogical culture of design and teamwork.

The Director of the Fashion Design Area carries out a management role defined by LCI Barcelona, under the European Union framework, and belonging to the LCI Education Network.

The principal responsibilities are:

-To create, revise, coordinate and supervise the study plans and educational programmes of the Fashion Design specialism, striving for excellence and demonstrating a solid understanding of the close relationship between culture and the needs of both the market and the industry in the local and global context.

-To direct, manage and attend to the needs of the Department of Fashion with regards to administrative and academic tasks related to the students and teaching staff; to drive and develop research; to promote and participate in classroom and extracurricular activities regularly (including participation in judging panels, round tables, seminars, assessment committees, thesis supervision, internship supervision, and advising the communications department). 

- To coordinate and give support to the programme directors, the tutors, and the teaching staff; to exercise educational leadership in the fashion specialism, taking into account interdisciplinary integration; to identify and propose the hiring of talent.

- To drive, guide and coordinate research in the fashion studies speciality in accordance and in line with principles developed in the Department of Pedagogy and the other disciplines.  

- To play an active role in outreach and help to facilitate fluid networking for the exchange and mobility of students in the LCI Education network and within the European Union. 

-To establish relationships with the industry sector and the fashion system with the goal of providing professional contacts and companies for the Companies Department and the job placement office.

- To promote and manage the visits of teachers, professionals and experts for masterclasses or workshops related to fashion and the disciplines with which it is associated (social sciences, marketing, technology, materials, sustainability, design management, and management...).

 - To conceptualise, organise and run the event for the presentation of the Bachelor's in Fashion (BA) Final Projects.

- To drive, plan and propose events for the communication of the fashion specialism programmes and the exhibition of the projects carried out as part of them.

- To promote students' participation in national and international competitions

- Furthermore, the programme director can teach for a maximum of 250 hours per academic year within their area of specialisation.


Minimum requirements:

Academic qualifications:

-A bachelor's degree or equivalent in fashion studies, social sciences or humanities related to fashion or the fashion system.  A doctorate is desirable.


-A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience as a lecturer at university level with an understanding of the dynamics of graduate and postgraduate-level work. Experience in an academic administration position is desirable.

- A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in the fashion sector.


- The ability to motivate and work with teams and in interdisciplinary environments.

- The ability to organise training based on the student's learning experience, integrating methods and techniques related to design project practices for problem solving and the generation of innovation; to incorporate new pedagogical training techniques in creativity, design and entrepreneurship.

- A good command of written communication and strong interpersonal communication skills. Good management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, to communicate and to motivate effectively.


- Excellent command of Spanish and English. Knowledge of Catalan and French is desirable.


Required documentation

1. Resume / CV

2. Cover letter addressed to the Director of Pedagogy and Quality at LCI Barcelona

3. Portfolio (where appropriate)



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