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ROTAB ``The world of dates``

ROTAB is a unique concept in Canada that consists of a shop of dates from all the world (Algeria, Tunisia, USA, KSA, DUBAI, IRAK, etc...) They are natural dates, then transformed into small cakes , handmade in Quebec. ROTAB is my current project that I am launching with my family, putting all my knowledge that I am learning at College Lasalle as part of my DEC in business management. With the dates, we sell a large variety of teas from several countries (China, Japan, India, Srilanka, Kenya etc ...) Dates and teas is a pleasant and delicious combination, it is a concept that I plan to develop with my family so that it becomes an international franchise.

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Dates & Tea

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Dates with nuts and pistachio

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Dates with chocolate & nuts

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Fresh dates & Dates with almonds paste