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Carla Monni

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My Name is Carla Monni. I’m an Italian girl graduated in fashion design at NABA (New academy of Fine Arts), in Milan with 110/110. I come from Orune, a little village in the center of Sardinia. In this characteristic place I spent the biggest part of my childhood daydreaming about the colorful traditional costumes walking trough the streets in holiday times. Im my mind I used to create new outfits for the characters of the elderly stories. That’s why I started painting those ideas with the only purpose of making them contemporary as well as understandable. Once I grown up a little bit, the desire to know the world became bigger than the security given by origins. This is the reason why , when I was 16, I decided to start the selection process for the United World College. UWC is an international college system that promotes the coexistence among different cultures, peace, making effort for a sustenible future, and a big education level. I was selected by UWCAD, located in Duino (Trieste, Italy) with a full scholarship. There I attained an International Baccalaureate (I.B.). Sharing my daily life with 185 teenagers from 85 different countries helped me in finding the inspiration I was looking for. My imagination was so much stimulated to pushed myself in creating my own story; thereafter I made real my invented characters using all the artistic techniques I could use and learn. The need of understanding how to communicate in the right way my ideas and my tastes, brought me to do my university studies at NABA. The I got really involved into the fashion world, but it is not just about style and glamour to me. What does really attract me about it is the power as well as the freedom of the fashion language which goes over every kind of barriers, and cooperates with every type of knowledge. Fashion to me is like a good parassite, that takes from everything and releases it into new shape and color. There is a little detail I didn’t tell yet. When I was 17 I went to Barcelona for a volunteering project. I immediately felt a strong connection with this land, probably because of the barceloneti’s rebel soul, or the city colors, melting up in the streets just like in a painter palette. By the way, I don’t want to give up in my artistic dream. I was looking for something more that could help me in improving in my career and in m personality. After a long research I found LCI and I understood that it was what I was looking for. I feel very close to LCI philosophy. News and constant research is very important for a designer in order to learn how to express ideas. In fact I strongly believe that it is not anymore just about beauty, but it is all about the power of communicative ideas. I really intend to use this experience to learn as much as I can and to be very active in every single project and in teamwork. Because, from my point of view, being a fashion designer means head and hands in symbiosis in the name of creativity to leave gifts to the world: other eyes to see things from a new perspective.

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de Carla Monni
Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona
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de Carla Monni
Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona
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de Carla Monni
Diseño de Moda
LCI Barcelona
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Fashion designer, fashion illustrator (traditional and digital), technical drawing, textile, stylist.
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Autocad 2D
Italian, English, Spanish.


April 2016/ now
Fashion designer and event planner. Self employed Full responsibility.

November 2015/ April 2016
Stylist (stage). Yvonne D. Fisher and Co. ( Interior design, home equity and propertymanagement).Full responsibility. Artistic advices, home styling, grafics.
Interior design.

26 September, 2015
Fashion designer. Self-employed, selected by Paolo Modolo, sardinian fashion designer specialized in velvet manufacture
Debut of the first collection “il salotto delle nonne”

From July 2015 to september 2015
Fashion designer. Full responsibility. Collaboration with Sardinian authorities to commemorate Sardinian traditions through artistic clothing. The project was named “Shardana”.
Fashion and artistic field

April 2015/ July 2015
Internship. Giorgio pellicce. Learning the main techniques in fur tailoring

Summertime 2006/2016
Painter, muralist
Self-employed, collaboration with provincial and regional associations as well as religious ones.
Full responsibility. In October 2015 the murals painted in Lula (Nuoro, Sardinia) has been catalogued as Sardinian artistic heritage.
Fine arts field.


October 2016
Master LCI Barcelona Fashion Design.

September 2011/ February 2015
Bachelor's degree 110/110
NABA, nuova accademia di belle arti, Milano
Fashion Design, production methodology, tailoring techniques, traditional and digital illustration.

September 2009/ May 2011
International Baccalaureate
UWCAD, united world college of the Adriatic, Duino (Trieste)
Art, History, English B (higher level), Italian, Environmental systems (standard level), Mathematical studies

September 2006/ June 2009
High school studies
Liceo classico Giorgio Asproni, Nuoro (Sardinia)
Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian Literature, History, Philosophy, English, Mathematics, chemistry, biology

Premios y distinciones

April 2014
Fashion designer
NABA, professor Bonapace.
Knitting design piece selected to be exposed at Salone del Mobile.
Fashion, artistic, knitting

March 2014
Fashion and textile designer
NABA, professor Bordoli.
Selected personal textile project to be exposed at Com'on event.
Selected group project to be exposed at Com'on event as well as Milano Unica.
Textile design (personal project), fashion design (group project)